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DS106 – Thus begins the fall of Headlessness

Hmm…what to post.  My first real foray into DS106, and I’m at a loss for words. I have a blog, and I will be using my blog to actually blog for a change, and only DS106 work for awhile.  Maybe … Continue reading

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My next random post

So, my random post today involves this: So, what’s up with this?  I even spent a bit of time today googling Zombie Response Unit, but didn’t come up with anything that would explain this…unless…it really IS the end of days!  … Continue reading

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My first random post

Well, I’m back.  Just thought I should get off my butt and post something…So I thought I would start with my first random topic, as we slowly (well, actually pretty quickly) approach the first anniversary of living in our new … Continue reading

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Why Bruce?  Think of it as my homage to Monty Python.  If you’ve not seen it, here it is: – I wish I worked at the Australian University of Woolloomooloo.  It’s also because I have no good title for … Continue reading

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