My next random post

So, my random post today involves this:


So, what’s up with this?  I even spent a bit of time today googling Zombie Response Unit, but didn’t come up with anything that would explain this…unless…it really IS the end of days!  The Republicans are right!

Of course, the most disappointing thing was that there weren’t any actual zombies on the bus.  And, while the path that I was running along was teeming with people and dogs, I didn’t see anyone that looked suspiciously like they wanted ton eat my brains.  So, all in all, a bit disappointing given the awesome buildup!

If I ever find out more, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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2 Responses to My next random post

  1. scott says:

    Awesome picture of the bus. Feel free to check us out at .

    Cheers, it was a very nice day to not be a Zombie.


    • eschudel says:


      Thanks for the comment and the link! I actually have moved my blog site (and am not posting here any longer). My new site is and I have decided I am going to move this post to my new site along with your URL just ’cause I think it’s cool! It’s always a nice day not to be a Zombie!

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