My first random post

Well, I’m back.  Just thought I should get off my butt and post something…So I thought I would start with my first random topic, as we slowly (well, actually pretty quickly) approach the first anniversary of living in our new (old) house.

I was working outside today, thinking about trying to improve curb appeal some more, since it’s pretty much a wreck out there, and we are still going to work on carpentry this year, and paint next year, so we don’t want to do too much “permanent” gardening this year.  So I thought, maybe I’d post some “before” and “after” pics of the front of the house.  Let’s see what I can find…

Our house

The house as it looked right after we took possession

So, this is the front of the house right after we took possession, but before we started working on the perimeter drains.  Note the cedar on the right side of the steps.  It’s had to see here, but the front yard was a wreck.  It had only been mowed for the purpose of selling it, and now, after the drain work, it’s still kind of a weedy mess.


And now, curb appeal.  Took out the “lawn” on the left side and planted flowers in pots.  Also put a strip on the left – it’s a bit wider now, and I just planted lavender this afternoon, so I’ll have to take a picture of that tomorrow and add it here.  And maybe I can find a few more pictures of the front to show better what the comparison is…

Since the front is in pretty good shape for the time being, I’m going to turn my attention to the back.  I’ll post some pictures of that for my “random” post tomorrow – hey, not so random any more.  How’s that – I’m planning ahead!

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